Vectorization of a logo from a photo with attention to detail

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Why do we need to have a vector version of the logo, the graphic element representing the face of the company?

What is the difference between a vector and a raster image

What is the difference between a vector and a raster image

The difference between vector and bitmap graphics is that bitmap graphics consist of pixels, while vector graphics consist of lines. A bitmap (such as GIF or JPEG) is a collection of pixels of different colors that together form an image. Vector graphics (such as .EPS or Ai) consist of paths or lines that are either straight or curved. The information file for a vector image contains the points where the lines begin and end, the trajectory of the lines, and the colors that either surround or fill the object. Because vectors are not made up of pixels, images can be greatly enlarged without losing quality. However, raster graphics are limited in this regard, because as you zoom in, each pixel is stretched, which loses quality. Therefore, logos and most designs are usually created in vector format. So the quality will be the same on both the business card and the billboard.

растерно логоВекторно лого

What are the advantages of vector graphics

How does the service work in a few steps?

Upload a photo of your logo or illustration in the inquiry form
We will send you an offer with the price and deadlines for the specified e-mail.
After approval of the offer, we will send you a photo with the final result for approval.
If you are satisfied with the result we will send you a link to pay and download files.

Why choose us?

All images are viewed manually and the cost and time of production are determined according to the complexity of the design. You will then receive an offer to vectorize your graphic. No prepayment. We will send you a photo of the work done and if the result satisfies you you will receive the vector files in different .EPS .PDF .AI formats after paying the agreed amount.



We offer you manual vectorization with attention to the details and shapes of your logo or illustration. We guarantee 99% identity with your image.


Each offer is personal to the complexity of the design, fully tailored to your requirements. in this way we guarantee that you will not pay a more expensive price for your needs.


Production time also varies according to the complexity of the project, but we allow for priority implementation of your project. If you are pursuing deadlines please indicate this in the order form.


Payments are made after approval of the final result of our work. If you have several projects ordered, you will receive one photo for approval.

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